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All About Tencel Yarn

What is Tencel? What kind of material is it? Are you looking for answers to questions such as “Is Tencel a wool ?”

We have prepared a compilation for you, let’s find out the answers to all these together.Like any reader who reads the word “Tencel”, you wonder what this word means. Tencel is actually a fiber brand, not a type of yarn. This fiber is the trade name of another name, lyocell fiber. Tencel branded lyocell and modal fibers are produced using environmentally friendly processes from wood raw material obtained from sustainable forests.

The most striking feature of yarns prepared with Tencel fibers is their soft and smooth texture. Thanks to these features, it increases the comfort of your clothes that do not disturb your skin and leave a pleasant feeling when touched. Threads produced with Tencel, which balances your body temperature thanks to their breathable structure, do not trap the sweat in you when you sweat, and take it away from you. Microscopic channels on the surface of Tencel yarns also help prevent sweating.

Thus, it makes you comfortable both day and night. Tencel products, which are friendly to your skin with their elegant textures, also stand out with their durable structures. Even if it is washed many times, it manages to maintain its first day form for a long time. Yarns with high tensile breaking strength prove their durable structure once again with these properties.

Is Tencel washable?

Of course, you should follow the directions on the labels of all your yarns, but in general, tencel yarns should be washed at a low temperature (30°C maximum) in the same colors, using environmentally friendly washing-up liquid. Although hand washing is the best and safest method, you can machine-wash your Tencel-knitted items using the wool wash program. If your washing machine does not have a wool program, you can use the washing program for delicate clothes.

If you want to see how the tencel material looks on the hand knitting yarn , you can click on the link below :

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