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Everything you want to know about Alpaca Yarn

Alpaca yarn fibers are small in diameter, soft and fine. That’s highly insulating, warmer than sheep’s wool and extremely soft.

Alpaca wool is very durable and traps heat well, but does not take shape like other types of wool. There are alpaca yarns in different weights. The reason why it is in different weights is the twisting shape of the yarn. It is a great hypoallergenic yarn for babies and sensitive skin as it does not contain lanolin.

How to knit with Alpaca yarn? Are you wondering?

Alpaca yarn can knit like any other yarn. With alpaca, you can knit using a tighter gauge to create a stronger structure and balance the surface this fiber naturally has. You can use this yarn to knit any garment. Alpaca is a great yarn variety for sweaters as well as shawls and scarves. It is very reasonable to use yarn in products for cold weather. Alpaca fiber is smooth and silky, thanks to this feature, it can provide a beautiful surface on a garment such as a shawl or sweater.

Alpaca yarns are used a lot in winter projects as they keep them very warm. Manufacturers and knitting enthusiasts know that pure alpaca will heat too much, so they combine it with other ingredients to produce ideal alpaca blends.

What about washing Alpaca Yarn?

Alpaca have not undergone a superwash process that can be washed in one machine cycle. Knitted or crocheted with alpaca type of yarn should be hand washed in cold water or dry cleaned. Do not squeeze items. Wrap it in a dry cloth or towel and apply pressure to remove excess water. Shape and lay flat to dry.

Alpaca type of yarn is one of the most water-repellent yarns, making it a great choice for outdoor accessories in the colder months or wet weather. However, since alpaca is not as flexible as wool, you will not see much shape change once you start using your clothing. Finally, clothes made from 100% Alpaca, unlike wool, do not shrink when washed.

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