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Arm Knitting: Everything You Should Need To Know

Arm knitting is a smart and one-of-a-kind activity that involves using your arms instead of needles. To make a gorgeous knitted project for statement items, homeware, and other uses. If the notion of it appeals to you, keep reading to learn how to get started. As well as how to knit a blanket, scarf, and shawl using this fascinating new method.

What Is Arm Knitting?

As the name implies, this is knitting done using your arms rather than needles! Stitches are cast on to one forearm and worked through using your hands to hold the working yarn and drag through to make a stitch, which is then placed on your other arm.

The project’s rows are worked in a back-and-forth fashion. In arm knitting, you do not turn the work like you would in traditional needle knitting. Y you simply work through the stitches from your right arm and pass the new threads onto the left. When you’re through with the row, simply work in the other manner, passing the stitches on the left arm across to the right!

Working on such a big scale is a terrific introduction to how stitches are generated and how they link together in a sequence to make the fabric of a knitted object for knitting rookies. While experienced knitters will quickly get into the flow of catching the yarn and making the stitches.

You might be asking why you would put down your dps, circulars, and cable needles in favor of knitting with only your arm if you are a dab hand with the needles. There are several reasons why you should attempt this ingenious and really simple method… With speed being one of the primary reasons yarn-oholics enjoy working on projects.

What Yarn Do You Recommend For Arm Knitting?

Big projects require big yarn. Select super chunky and extra chunky yarns that knit up rapidly and have superb stitch definition. If you have a lot of ordinary chunky yarn, you can arm knit by holding many strands together to make a thicker arm knitting yarn.

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