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Blown Yarns : Spinning Innovation

Have you read the word “blown yarns” somewhere and don’t know what it means? Ice Yarns is a pioneer in informative content as well as in the yarn industry. The ice yarns blog has the answer, let’s read it!

What is a blown yarn?

Blow yarn gets its name from the process by which it is made. The majority of yarns are made by spinning fibers together into a long strand. But The method of producing blow yarn is quite different. 

It all begins with a very fine mesh tube, usually made of polyamide. The mesh tube is filled with loose fibers, usually wool or alpaca. The fibers become “trapped” within the mesh tube, forming the bulk of the yarn, while the fiber ends protrude from the mesh tube, creating a fluffy appearance.

After knowing blow yarns, the very first question that arises in our mind is What are their features?

What are the features of blown yarns?

The fibers used, like any yarn, add their own distinct properties to the yarn. However, the actual construction of yarn plays a significant role in the process, especially for something as unique as blown yarn. 

When cotton or alpaca are used in a blown yarn, the nylon mesh tube provides the fibers with the extra strength, structure, and memory they require, resulting in a lightweight garment that holds its shape well. 

Plus, Because of the way this yarn is made, air can freely enter the tube and become trapped within the tube and the fibers, making it a very warm yarn (especially if the yarn includes alpaca – which is a very good insulator as well). 

Surprisingly, these yarns pill less frequently than their traditionally plied rivals.

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Knitting with blown yarns

Blown yarns are soft and comfortable in the hands as you knit, due to the tube that holds the fibers (as contrasted to plied yarn), you are less likely to split your stitches as you knit. Because of the stretchy nature of the fiber used for the mesh tube or the construction of the tube itself. This type of yarn is very easy to knit – even if it is made of inelastic fibers like cotton.

Blown yarns are fun to knit with. Now you know when it might be a good idea to try this extraordinary yarn for your next knitting project. If you’re thinking about using this type of yarn for a highly textured project, your best bet is to swatch it first. Even fuzzier, softer cables can be very attractive.

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