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Cashmere : Everything You Need To Know

Cashmere is a soft and fluffy fiber. This fibers are fine and become softer with various treatments. This fiber is weaker in durability than wool, but is very expensive.

It is obtained from the lining of its goats that occur only once a year in South Asia. It is very expensive because the goat gives little wool and it is a difficult process.

This yarn is very soft and leaves a pleasant effect on the skin, while it is not very air permeable. You should dry clean your knitted projects instead of washing them in the machine.

Knitting with this yarn is a great pleasure, because you can always feel the softness of cashmere yarn. Since it is a sensitive and expensive material, it is used by mixing it with other materials.

There are many knitting patterns you can make using this yarn or a blend. You can knit many designs such as hoodies, hats and gloves with that yarn. In the same way, shawls knitted with cashmere also become stylish designs.

However, it does not make sense to knit sweaters and cardigans with yarns containing a high percentage of it due to its sensitivity and tendency to pilling. Instead, you can knit any design you want with iceyarns’ ideal cashmere blended wool and have durable clothes.

How Can I wash Cashmere Yarn?

Some products should be washed by hand, the iron should not be pressed directly on these products. Since pure cashmere is a very delicate yarn, it wears out when washed in the washing machine. Drying should also be done with a towel.

In addition, machine washable yarns are also produced. The durability of this fiber is increased by using other fibers in these products. It does not make sense to knit items for everyday use with cashmere yarns.

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