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Crossbody Boho Bag:@Whirledpeas000’s Ice Yarns Project

After a short break we are here again. We continue the beautiful projects knitted by Ice Yarns enthusiasts. The name of the project you will read now is Whirledpeas000(her instagram nickname)’s Crossbody Boho Bag project. Whirledpeas000 is both a full time worker and a knitting specialist. She is also a content producer. We will give you the links of the training videos she prepared while promoting her project.

Crossbody Boho Bag

Whirledpeas000 has been crocheting since she was eleven years old. Her interest in knitting started when her aunt gave her a box full of yarn and crochet for her birthday. She lives in the state of Colorado, USA. Whirledpeas000 also produces content on youtube. Don’t forget to watch the video of the project that is the subject of this article and visit Whirledpeas000’s channel!

Crossbody Boho Bag Tutorial – Crochet Purse for Beginners

As seen in the photos, Whirledpeas000 used Ice Yarns’ Softly Baby and Harmony series in this project.

When you buy this yarns, there will be 4 items in the package. You can knit the gentle tones of Ice Yarns Softly Baby using 4 mm/US 6 needles and knit wonderfully wearable projects. You can readily complete a project with 4 skeins in a Harmony package, you won’t need to buy different yarns for this because you will have many colors with this yarn.

Crossbody Boho Bag

She also said that she crocheted the entire project and added ‘I used a size I hook to create all of the bags and show how to line them.’

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