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Discover New Ice Yarns : Estrella & Petite Paillette Cone

Are you a passionate knitter looking for high-quality yarns to fuel your creativity? Look no further! Ice Yarns, a renowned brand in the knitting community, offers a wide range of yarns to suit every project and style. Let’s explore two exciting yarns from their collection that will surely ignite your knitting inspiration.

Ice Yarns Estrella

If you’re dreaming of cozy winter knits, Estrella is the perfect yarn for you. This self-striping, bulky yarn is made from 100% premium acrylic, ensuring warmth and durability in your finished projects. With a yarn thickness of 5 Bulky, it’s ideal for chunky, crafty creations like scarves, hats, and even rugs! Each 100g ball boasts a generous length of 155m, giving you plenty to work with.

One of the standout features of Estrella is its stunning multicolor effect. With 19 different color options available, you’ll find endless possibilities to bring vibrancy and playfulness to your knitting projects. The yarn’s self-striping nature adds a touch of excitement as the colors transition smoothly, creating visually captivating patterns. Embrace the versatility of 100% acrylic and let your imagination run wild with Estrella.

Ice Yarns Petite Paillette Cone

For those seeking a touch of glamour and elegance, the Petite Paillette Cone is a must-have. This exquisite yarn combines 97% polyester with 3% paillette, offering a unique blend of shinny and subtle sparkle. With a yarn thickness of 1 SuperFine, it’s perfect for delicate projects such as accessories, garments, and intricate lacework.

Imagine knitting lightweight summer tops or accessories with a touch of luxury. Petite Paillette Cone’s extensive yardage of 1600m per 200g ball ensures that you can indulge in larger projects without running out of yarn. With nine stunning colors available, including the beautiful cream shade, you can create delicate, eye-catching pieces with a touch of bead-sequin sparkle.

Whether you’re a seasoned knitter or just beginning your knitting journey, Ice Yarns Blog offers a world of possibilities. Their commitment to quality and diverse range of yarns ensures that you’ll find the perfect match for any project. So, grab your needles, select your favorite Ice Yarns, and immerse yourself in the joy of knitting with these extraordinary yarns. Let your creativity soar and bring your knitting dreams to life with Ice Yarns’ Estrella and Petite Paillette Cone!

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