free crochet mesh stitch pattern
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Free Crochet Mesh Stitch Pattern

Ice Yarns Blog continues blog posts that crochet lovers and new crocheters will love. As you know, we have come a long way in our crochet education and free pattern series. Don’t forget to read our first two blog posts. If you’re a bit proficient in crocheting and know how to read patterns, you will understand the explanations in this “Free Crochet Mesh Stitch Pattern” blog post.

You can easily learn how to make crochet mesh stitch from the great videos of Burj Design youtube channel.

The crochet knit stitch is a very popular type of project that you do when you want to create a lacy look that almost everyone who crochets knows. Knitted stitches consisting of open squares and filled squares in patterns are also known as fillet crochet. Everyone loves this pattern!

Crochet meshes made using crochet are preferred for shawls, coasters, tablecloths, home decor projects and wearable products. We have prepared this blog post for you to understand more easily when you encounter the free patterns we offer you.

The photos below explain how to crochet mesh stitch in detail.

Crochet Mesh Stitch Pattern

  1. Chain 135, turn.
  2. Row 1: 1 double-crochet in 6th chain from hook, *chain 2, skip next 2 chain, 1 double crochet in next chain, repeat from * to end of row,turn,
  3. 2. Row 2 Chain 6, (count as a double-crochet and chain 2), skip first double-crochet, * double-crochet in next double-crochet, chain 2, repeat from across, 1 double-crochet in the 3rd chain of turn chain, turn.
  4. 3. Row 3 – Row 140 : We will make the same from Row 3 to Row 140.

Don’t forget to watch the video of this pattern!

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