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Granny Cardigan : Maurella’s Crochet Project

We continue our Ice Yarn Projects series with Maurella’s Crochet Project, Granny Cardigan. Crochet is Maurella’s hobby, she loves to make sweaters, bags, blankets, socks, flowers, hats, scarves. For Maurella, crocheting is a passion. She said crocheting helped her have a good time in the evenings and not feel lonely.

The name of Maurella’s project in this blog post is Granny Cardigan. She created this project with knitting many 8x8cm tiles. Then the tiles were reassembled one by one with a beautiful color harmony. Maurella also used Crochet when joining the tiles.

The size of this project, Maurella knitted with Cakes Angora yarns, is Small.

Don’t forget to check out Ice Yarns Cakes Angora Green Shades Navy Turquoise – 61384 used in this project. Because, you can create beautiful projects with unique color transitions of it. In addition, this yarn, produced with a mixture of 20% Angora, 20% Wool, 60% Acrylic, will allow you to create comfortable knits and crochets with the outstanding features of all the fibers.

The length of Maurella’s project is 56 cm and its circumference is 100 cm. Maurella stated that she did not follow a specific model to complete her project, but used the models she encountered in many different sources to get inspiration.

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