How To Tie A Slip Knot
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How To Tie A Slip Knot

Ice Yarns Blog readers, we are pleased to introduce our new concept to you. Want to crochet and don’t know where to start? In our knitting and crochet education series, you will learn many important points of knitting and crochet from the beginning to the end. Let us tell you how to start crocheting and how to tie the first slip knot!

What is a Slip Knot?

The first term you hear in the crochet world is slip knot, everyone knows that most crochet patterns start with a slip knot. In this blog post, you will learn about the slip knot.

The slip knot is a type of knot you will use to attach the yarn to the crochet hook.

Making a slip knot is the first step in many crochet projects. It is made by tying a simple loop to the end of the yarn, then placing the loop on the crochet hook and pulling it tight.

Prepare your knitting yarn and crochet first, and we’ll explain each step of making slip knot to you with amazing photos and videos!

  1. First take the crochet hook in your right hand, wrap the yarn around your left finger first.
  2. Then take one end of the yarn and loop it around the crochet hook.
  3. Then, holding the end of the rope in your fingers, pass the rope you hold with the hook of the crochet hook through the ring formed.

Here is your knot ready!

You can also make this knot without using a crochet hook!

  1. First make a loop with the string, pass the middle part of the string through that loop, not the end.
  2. Then pass the crochet hook through the formed and knotted loop.

It’s that simple.

If you want, you can see how the slip knot is tied in the Burj Design‘s wonderfully narrated video.

Crochet Tips

  • Make a small swatch to test which crochet is good for your project.
  • Work the way you like to crochet most comfortably. Everyone crochets a little differently, and there are many ways to hold the yarn and position the hook, and you can find these ways in all information sources. If some methods are not suitable for you, feel free to change the way you work according to your needs.

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