Ice Yarns Amigurumi Cotton Yarn
Yarn Review

Ice Yarns Amigurumi Cotton / Yarn Review

The Amigurumi cotton yarn series from Ice Yarns is a unique blend of 60% cotton and 40% acrylic. The yarn is the perfect choice for people with lanolin allergies or who are sensitive to the scaling of wool fibers because of this combination. Clothing made of amigurumi cotton is very breathable and retains its shape for a considerable amount of time. You can express your sense of style through its warm and vibrant colours.

What is the Amigurumi? You can read here!

You can start designing your stunning winter patterns with amigurumi cotton yarns from Ice Yarns’!

Fiber Contents of Ice Yarns Amigurumi Cotton

Because it is madè of a cotton and acrylic blend, the yarn has excellent absorption capabilities and is less sensitive to detergents. Making it perfect for almost all winter projects like pullovers, cardigans, blankets, and accessories.

Knitting enthusiasts must have Ice Yarns’ Amigurumi Cotton Yarn!

You will get four balls of yarn, with each one having length of 160 metres, when you buy this material. The package contains ball , each of which weighs only about 50 grammes and is packagèd safely for a secure transit.

Other items in the Ice Yarns’ Amigurumi Cotton category are waiting for you. To make your cold weather pleasant and lively, In a variety of colour options. With a wide assortment of yarns in stock, Ice Yarns is very economical.

As the colder months draw near, start knitting and make sure you order enough yarns from Ice Yarns!

To create delightfully cosy and imaginative wearable creations, you can knit amigurumi cotton in the dark tones using 3 mm/US 3 needles.

The yarn is two fine in thickness, which results in a smooth and robust wearables .  Additionally, these yarns can be machine-washed, are more durable than other yarns, and can absorb water. For instance, you could use this yarn to knit hats, clothing, blankets, as well as accessories and many other items for adults as well as babie

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