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Ice Yarns Angora Batik / Yarn Review

The Angora Batik yarn series from Ice Yarns is a unique combination of 20% Angora, 20% Wool, and 60% Acrylic. The yarn is particularly soft and light as a result of this mix. For everyday wear as well as casual wear, angora-made clothing is excellent. Your dreams of comfortable sweaters and socks  withcolourful and warm hues will now come true. And Now You may start crafting your lovely winter ready projects using Angora Batik yarns.

The yarn’s feel and warmth make it perfect for nearly every projects including apparels and accessories like shawls ,cardigans, pullovers, socks, gloves and so on. These yarns are manufactured from a combination of Angora, wool, and acrylic. The fact that they are well-suited to each other in terms of texture, moisture absorption, and wrinkle resistance is crucial.

Ice Yarns Angora Batik - 77749
Ice Yarns Angora Batik – 77749

The Angora Batik Yarn from Ice Yarns is a favourite among knitters , who wants wrinkle free products!

Package Contents

You will receive four balls of yarn, each measuring 550 metres, when you buy this yarn.

Needle Size

You can knit Angora yarn’s delicate and vivid tonesUsing 3 to 4 mm/US3 to 6 needles and create unlimited gorgeous and good looking winter products , as per your needs.

Yarn Thickness

The yarn is two extents thick, which results in a smooth and sturdy end product. Further, this product has a superb hairy structure and lends a delicate feel to anything you do. For example, you may use this yarn to makeshawls , as well as many winter attire and accessories.

Ice Yarns Angora Batik - 77588
Ice Yarns Angora Batik – 77588


Each ball of yarn in the package comeswith a weight of around 100 grams. The products made from this yarn is of superb quality and appearance.

Other offerings in the Ice Yarns’ Angora Batik category are available in a variety of different shades to choose from . Make your winter cosy and bright with Ice yarns’ very fairly priced yarn series.

These yarns boost up your confidence In the Society with its good and classy looks. Initiate knitting as the cooler months approach, and remember to include enough packets of yarn in your orders!

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