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Ice Yarns Baby Alpaca Air / Yarn Review

Baby Alpaca Air Yarn from Ice Yarns is a unique combination of 15% Superwash Extrafine Merino Wool, 60% Baby Alpaca, and 25% Polyamide. The resultant is a yarn that is very plush and lightweight for newborns. The Baby Alpaca Air category features a variety of lovely hues. Baby products benefit greatly from clothing made of baby alpaca air yarn. Your babies will daydream about comfortable socks and warm sweaters because of its colourful and pleasant colours.You may start making your infants’ winter outfits vibrant and gorgeous with this yarn!

Ice Yarns Baby Alpaca Air - 77597
Ice Yarns Baby Alpaca Air – 77597

Fiber Contents

The yarn offers a soothing and warm experience. Because it is composed of baby alpaca super fine merino wool, making it perfect for baby winter products. These products are blankets, sweaters, pants, and accessories like mittens, socks, and scarves. The most remarkable featurethese yarns possess are their delicatetouch on a baby’s skin and provide the warmth that a baby requires .

For all the caring momsout there, Ice Yarns’ Baby Alpaca Air Yarn is a timeless favourite and a must-have!

Package Contents

You will receive four balls of yarn in the package. It is a combined length of 150 metres when you buy this yarn. 

Needle Size

You can Knit the soft tones of Baby Alpaca yarns with 5 – 6 mm/US 8 – 10 needles. You can make delightfully warm and wonderfully wearable winter creations and blankets for your bundle of joy.

Ice Yarns Baby Alpaca Air 77596
Ice Yarns Baby Alpaca Air 77596


The yarn has a four-measure thickness, making the result product thick and cosy. Additionally, this product has a great structure and gives everything you make with it a delicate texture. Your little one’s favourite character, can easily knitted by baby alpaca air yarn. 


The package weighs only about 50 gram per ball, which makes it easy to transport.

To make your baby’s winter cosy and cheerful, other items in the Ice Yarns’ Baby Alpaca category are ready for you in a variety of colours. With a vast selection of yarns in store, Ice Yarns is relatively inexpensive.Get your shopping bags ready and shop all your favourite yarns from Ice Yarns and become Talk of the town , this season.

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