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Ice Yarns Cakes Baby Fine Yarn

Ice Yarns Cakes Baby Fine yarn from Ice Yarns is made of 100% Premium Acrylic, which gives the yarn its softness and durability. Premium acrylic clothing is ideal for everyday use. In Addition, Premium acrylic yarns are also water and odour-resistant. Your dreams of warm sweaters and socks will be made by their vibrant and inviting colors. You can start making your vibrant, gorgeous winter designs with Cakes Baby’s fine yarn!


The yarn is composed completely of superior acrylic, which makes it lightweight and warm. Because of this, it is perfect for knitting items like ponchos, knits, cardigans, and accessories like shawls and gloves. The most crucial characteristic of these yarns is that they are not prone to splitting. Additionally, they are less sensitive to detergent and warm water than wool or cashmere, so they can withstand a typical round in the washing machine without shrinking or shedding.

Ice Yarns’ Cakes Baby Fine Yarn is a must-have for anyone who enjoys colorful patterns!

Four 360-meter-long balls of yarn will be provided to you when you buy this material. The yarn balls in the package are containéd in a neatly packagéd box and each weighs only about 100 grams.

You can choose from a variety of other items in the Ice Yarns’ Cakes Baby Fine category to brighten and color your winter. Products from Ice Yarns are very inexpensive and keep a huge selection of yarns in stock.

Start crocheting after stocking up on all of your favorite yarns from Ice Yarns!

With 3.5 – 4 mm/US 4 – 6 needles, you can knit the vibrant and colorful tones of this yarn to create delightful and fashionable patterns!

The outcome is extremely sleek thanks to the 2 finest yarn thicknesses. Additionally, this item adds a delicate texture to everything you make and has a lovely, colorful structure. To make lovely shrugs, sweaters, gloves, and many other winter accessories, for instance, you can easily use this yarn.

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