ice yarns cecilia cotton yarn review
Yarn Review

Ice Yarns Cecilia Cotton / Yarn Review

Ice Yarns Cecilia Cotton is a type of yarn that’s made from 100% Mercerised Cotton. It’s soft, lightweight, and has a delicate sheen that makes it perfect for crafting delicate pieces like wraps, shawls, and scarves.

Ice Yarns Cecilia Cotton

Fiber Contents

Ice Yarns Cecilia Cotton is a fine-weight crafting yarn made with 100% Mercerised cotton that you’ll love to work with. It comes in a range of colors, so you can find the perfect one for your project. The fiber is soft and lofty, which makes it perfect for knitting and crochet. 

Package Contents

When you purchase this yarn, you receive Six balls that each have a length of 169meters/ 84 yards. Each ball comes with a weight of only about 50grams and are securely packaged.

Needle Size

Knit with Cecilia Cottonyarn on 3 mm/US 3 needles in a variety of lovely hues to make blissfully cozy and inventive wearable designs.

Ice Yarns Cecilia Cotton

Yarn Thickness

The yarn is 2 Fine in thickness, producing light weight and long-lasting wearables. Clothing like tops, sweaters and cardigans, scarfs and shawls, hats and bonnets, even socks and slippers—all these projects are achievable with Ice Yarns Cecilia Cotton.

Thanks to its softness, it would also be great for baby items like booties, dresses or even blankets. Plus, because it comes in a variety of colors, you can customize your projects for any occasion. And since cotton is a breathable projects and very absorbent too, it’s also a good choice when summertime calls for lightweight garments.

You could even craft home décor items like dollhouse pillows or quilts. So go ahead and get creative! Cecilia cotton is here to help bring your projects to life!

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