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Ice Yarns Classic DK / Yarn Review

Classic DK yarn from Ice Yarns is soft and long-lasting because it is made entirely of acrylic. Entirely acrylic clothing is ideal for everyday wear as they can withstand normal wear and tear. Your dreams of cozy sweaters and socks will indeed be made by their vibrant and warm colors. With classic Dk yarn from Ice Yarns’, you can start making your brilliantly beautiful winter designs!

Fiber Contents

The yarn’s all-acrylic construction makes it lightweight and warm, making it perfect for knitted items like sweaters, cardigans, and accessories like socks and shrugs. And how can we forget to mention that wrinkle resistance is the most crucial aspect of acrylics.

For knitters, the Classic Dk Yarn from Ice Yarns is a classic!

Package Contents

You will receive four balls of this yarn, each measuring 285 meters when you purchase it.

The package of Ice Yarns’ Classic Dk Yarn weighs only about 100 grams per ball of yarn, making it very portable for transportation and even you can stock up on many yarns occupying very small space.

To make your winter warm and colorful, other items in the Classic Dk category are waiting for you in a wide array of different options. Additionally, Ice Yarns has a great variety of yarns in stock and is very fairly priced.

So what are you waiting for, grab your Cards and start shopping from Ice Yarns!

Needle Size

With 4 to 5 mm/US 6 to 8 needles, you can knit the vivid and colorful shades of Classic Dk yarn to create delightfully warm and gorgeously wearable designs for you and your loved ones.

Yarn Thickness

The yarn is three light in thickness, resulting in medium-thick and strong results. Additionally, this product has a delightful structure and gives everything you make a gentle feel. For instance, you could easily use this yarn to create typical winter clothing like sweaters, pullovers, and accessories like gloves and cardigans.

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