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Ice Yarns Macrame Cord / Yarn Review

The Macrame Cord yarn series from Ice Yarns is made entirely of polyester. This is extremely strong and doesn’t tear, stretch, or pill as easily as cotton and other natural fibers do. Because of its durability, polyester clothing can be washed in a machine without suffering any damage. Additionally, polyester fabric is particularly well-liked for outdoor apparel due to its durability.

You can create lovely macrame and outdoor wearables using the Macrame cord yarn from Ice Yarns.

Fiber Contents

The yarn is entirely made of polyester, which makes the products made from it resist liquid droplets, causing the fabric to wick away moisture rather than soak it up, making it a popular material for outdoor clothing and gear. Additionally, the resistance to moisture of polyester helps it to remain stain resistant for very long period of time.

When you purchase this yarn, you will receive four balls of this beautiful yarn, each of which has a length of 160 meters. The package’s yarn balls each weigh only about 100 grams. Comes in a very nicely packed box from Ice Yarns’.

To make your winter stylish and fashionable, further products in the Ice Yarns’ Macrame cord category are waiting for you in a variety of color possibilities. With a vast selection of yarns in stock, Ice Yarns’ collections are quite affordable.

Grab your knitting needles as well as yarns from Ice Yarns’ and start knitting beautiful things with Ice Yarns Blog for you and your loved ones!

Needle Size

To create delightful macrame designs and outdoor creations,you can use 4-5 mm/US 6- 8 needles and vibrant Macrame cord colors.

Yarn Thickness

The yarn has a three-level thickness that makes it ideal for making strong and highly durable designs. Additionally, this product has a spill-free structure and gives your creations a fantastic hold. For instance, you can use this yarn to make a variety of microfiber products, outdoor clothing, and macrame products.

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