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Ice Yarns Macrame Cotton Bulky / Yarn Review

Ice Yarns Macrame Cotton Bulky yarn series is made of 100% cotton, which is extremely strong and does not feel as hard, rough, or pill as other fibers do. Cotton clothing can be washed in a machine without causing any damage due to its plush nature. Cotton yarn can also be used for outdoor clothing and is gentle on knitters’ hands.

Fiber Content of Ice Yarns Macrame Cotton Bulky

Ice Yarns’ Macrame Cotton Bulky yarn can be used to make lovely macrame, bags, hats, and outdoor wearables.

The yarn is entirely made of recycled cotton. Which gives the products made from it the ability to withstand liquid droplets… And cause the yarn to wick moisture away rather than absorb it. Making it a popular material for outdoor clothing and gear. Polyester’s ability to withstand moisture also contributes to its continued stain resistance. The yarn looks quite bulky and is therefore quite fluffy.

When you buy this yarn, you’ll get four balls, each of which is 150 metres long.

Use vibrant Macrame Cotton colours and 6 mm/US 10 needles to make delightful macrame designs and outdoor creations.

Because of the yarn’s five levels of thickness, the items made from it have a chunky, fluffy appearance. This product also provides a fantastic hold for your creations and has a spill-free design. For instance, you can use this yarn to create a wide range of items, such as bags, hats, beanies, and macramé goods.

Each yarn ball in the package weighs only about 250 grams and is packaged neatly in a box.

More items in the Macrame Cotton Bulky category of Ice Yarns are available to you in a variety of colour options if you want to make your winter stylish and trendy. The collections from Ice Yarns are very reasonably priced and they have a wide variety of yarns in stock.

Create spaces in your home and buy a huge amount of yarn from Ice Yarns to ensure you never run out!

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