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Ice Yarns – Magic Light / Yarn Review

Let us introduce you to the Ice Yarns’ Magic Light22034. This yarn, which has unique color transitions with purple, pink, blue, yellow and green colors, is produced from acrylic, which has high durability, is resistant to negative conditions and does not absorb much water. Moreover, if you are allergic to wool and want to knit, this product is for you.

Iceyarns Magic Light -22034

This yarn, like our other Magic Light yarns, can be used in colorful knittings that you will prepare for multi-purpose use. Incredible colors emerge as you progress, and watching the slow transitions of colors will give you pleasure.
Moreover, due to its affordable price and many colors in one package, your knitting will be both unique and affordable! This product will take your designs to the next level with its different colors, from decorative projects to clothing.

Iceyarns Magic Light -22034

4-4.5mm / US 6-7 needle size is suitable for this yarn and you can double knitting! You can easily complete a project with 4 balls in a package, you will not need to buy balls of different colors for this because you will have many colors with this yarn. Yarn thickness is 3 Light, easy to use with a favorite knitting needle or crochet hook; it is quite suitable for blankets, shawls and your other favorite patterns. Don’t forget to buy enough yarn in one order to complete your project easily!

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