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Ice Yarns Natural Cotton Air / Yarn Review

The Natural Cotton Air yarn from Ice Yarns is made entirely of cotton, giving it both strength and softness. It feels lightweight and plush to the touch. Additionally, since it is made of cellulose, it draws heat away from the body. Cotton clothing is comfortable to wear throughout the year due to this characteristic. In addition, it is stronger, more resistant to mildew, and somewhat easier to dye. It might not lose its shape or contract as much. 

Natural Cotton Air Yarn from Ice Yarns comes in a wide range of colours!

Fiber Content

The yarn is pure cotton, making it fresh and a very strong and durable natural fiber, wet or dry. It is ideal for making sweaters, pullovers, and accessories like socks, scarves, hats, shawls and among many other patterns.


With the purchase of this yarn, four balls totaling 300 metres each are included, and the box is safely packed. Each ball of Natural Cotton Air Yarn weighs only about 100 grams in the package.

Needle Size

Using 3–4 mm/US With Natural Cotton Air yarn in vibrant tones and 3–6 needles, you can knit delightfully fresh and exquisitely wearable creations.

Yarn Thickness

The thickness of the yarn is two measurements fine. This yarn also displays every stitch in great detail. You can use this yarn for make a range of summer knitting and crochet items.

Additional items in the Natural Cotton Air category of Ice Yarns are available for you in a variety of colours to make your summer cosy and lovely. Ice Yarns has good price and a huge selection of yarns.

By choosing to shop at Ice Yarns, you’ll never grow tired of your clothes again!

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