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Ice Yarns – Natural Cotton / Yarn Review

Today, we will introduce Natural Cotton series. This is Ice Yarns Yarn Review series. With more than 30 color options, the category has already won the appreciation of everyone. This category has dozen of varieties from jeans blue to camel tones. Yarn Lovers like this yarn. Thanks to its %100 Cotton fibers, you will create perfect knits.

Natural Cotton is an excellent product for those looking for cotton yarns with different colors. If you want to make cotton projects and cannot find products in colors and quality that suit you, you can take a look at this category, be sure the product you will encounter is just for you. This yarn is used in many different areas from clothes to rural areas, from decors to blankets.

Ice Yarns Natural Cotton – 77733

How Can I order Natural Cotton?

Whether you’re an expert knitter or an amateur, if you want to make new projects or make projects different from the ones you’ve done before, you should definitely visit the Ice Yarns online yarn store. You will find thousands of knitting products on a single platform. With your knitting hobby, you will both evaluate your spare time and create a product.

Ice Yarns Natural Cotton – 77733

It is among the most liked yarns by knitters. The reason is that it is suitable for many projects. Another good feature is the naturalness of the yarn content. Because when knitters do not want to use synthetic yarns, they generally prefer the natural cotton category.

You can complete your project with 4 mm. / US 6 needless and readily complete a project with 4 skeins in a package. Yarn thickness is 3 Light, suitable to use with a preferred knitting needle or crochet hook; it is quite suitable for hats, tablecloths, shawls and your other best patterns.

Natural Cotton is a big category with different colors. When you look at the this category of Ice Yarns, you will see 30 different products.

Don’t forget to buy enough yarn in one order to finish your project! 

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