ice yarns saver yarn review
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Ice Yarns Saver Yarn Review

This innovative new yarn is made of 100% Dralon Acrylic. The Ice Yarns Saver is gentle on your hands, making for a more comfortable knitting experience.

Fiber Contents

Ice Yarns saver is a medium crafting yarn made with 100% Dragon Acrylic that you’ll love to work with.
This yarn will glide smoothly over your tool, eliminating the need to pause every few stitches to tighten the thread. This implies that if you’re a professional knitter, you can knit faster and with minimum effort – excellent news!


When you purchase this yarn, you receive 2 balls that each have a length of 330 meters/ 360 yards.

Needle Size

You can use 5 mm (US 89 needles and Saver yarn to knit a variety of fantastic colors and produce wearable works of art that are both comfortable and distinct.

Yarn Thickness

The yarn is 4 medium in thickness, producing thick and long-lasting wearables. 


Each ball comes with a weight of only about 200 grams and are securely packaged.

Tips and Tricks for Using Ice Yarns Saver

Are you already sold-on Ice Yarns Saver Yarn and ready to knit with it? Here are some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your Ice Yarns Saver knitting experiences.

First, ensure that you pull the strings evenly enough, or they will break. Second, use a needle and yarn to secure the ends if your piece is starting to unravel. Third, if you’re using a pattern with multiple colours, try using a different ball for each colour so that you can quickly identify where each one starts and ends without having to unravel every piece constantly. And finally, when all else fails, take a deep breath and remember that with practice comes perfection!

When it comes to knitting, Ice Yarns Saver is the real deal. It’s a great way to improve your knitting experiences and help you save time and energy. Overall, it’s a great tool in your knitting arsenal, and we highly recommend it.

So why wait? Order your Ice Yarns Saver today and start enjoying your knitting experiences to the fullest!

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