Is Crochet Good for Mental Health
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Is Crochet Good for Mental Health?

Crochet is an excellent pastime with which you can do exciting things, like creating a comfortable scarf. The benefits of crocheting extend well beyond aesthetics. Crocheting offers several health advantages, such as relaxing, easing depression, and preventing memory loss. Here are six ways crochet may enhance your mental health. And yes, Crochet Good for Mental Health?


The neurotransmitters serotonin and dopamine are released when we engage in rewarding activities. Both of these substances have been scientifically verified as effective anti-depressants. 80% of depressed participants in a research published in The British Journal of Occupational Therapy reported improving their mood after crocheting or knitting.

Chronic Stress

Due to the meditative nature of crocheting, which requires you to pay attention to each stitch as you make it, this craft is great for relieving stress. The repetitive motion of crocheting is calming for the mind and body. The stress-inducing factors may be abandoned.


Try working on a crochet project the next time you need a relaxing hobby. It may be all you need to calm your nerves and get some shut-eye.


Anxiety may be reduced by keeping the hands and mind busy with some crocheting. If you’re apprehensive, distract yourself by counting the stitches in your crochet project. 

Memory Loss

It’s said, “You either use it or you lose it.” Learning crochet, a new stitch, or simply going through a crochet pattern keeps your brain engaged. Numerous scientific research has shown that crocheting can slow down the progression of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia. Recent research by the Mayo Clinic found that repetitive hand activities like knitting and crocheting may lessen the severity of dementia by up to half.


Doing well at crochet might boost your self-esteem. The satisfaction of completing a crochet project is comparable to that of completing any other kind of project. “Yes, I made that!”. 

Key Takeaway

I can attest to the effectiveness of crochet in relieving stress and the joy of finishing a project.Indeed, it was common knowledge among our forefathers. A significant contributor to pleasure is creating something with one’s own hands. 

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