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Katia’s Ice Yarns Project: DebCardi Test Knit

DebCardi Test Knit ; Today, we continue the series of Ice Yarns projects with Katia’s DebCardi Test Knit project. Katia learned to knit as a child. But later, she has made more progress in knitting. She started knitting wearable models in 2020 with what she learned from knitting videos. She completed her project named DebCardi Test Knit, which she presented to us, in 2022 with the pattern of Amanda Kaffka.

DebCardi Test Knit is a knitting project. Katia said she knitted this project using Ice Yarns Elite Shawl Glitz Light Gray (70383); Rainbow Teal, Brown Shades, Cream (63035); Rainbow Brown Shades, Green Shades, Blue Shades (62902)” yarns.

Ice Yarns Elite Shawl Glitz Light Grey is the most preferred yarns if there is a fancy project. The reason is that it is suitable for bright projects. Another outstanding feature is the suitability of the content of the yarn. This yarn consists of 10% Mohair, 10% Wool, 75% Acrylic, 5% Lurex. This perfect blend provides the yarn with many different properties.

Also you can knit your projects with Ice Yarns’ Rainbow series with 4 mm. / US 6 needles. You can complete a project with 4 skeins in a lot, you don’t need to buy balls of different colors for this because you will have different colors with one skein of yarn. Yarn thickness is 3 Light, comfortable to use with a favorite knitting needle or crochet hook; it is quite suitable for your other best patterns. Katia stated that she used Rainbow yarns for combining.

Katia used 5mm needles in the Ribbing section, 6mm needles in the Body section, and 5mm needles in the Sleeves section of her project. The size of this project is XL.


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