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Which knitting needles should I use?

Knitting needles are of many types in terms of the material they made from, size and variety.

Flat needles are needles with a pointed one end and a knob at the other end. They use in pairs. Short straight needles are best for small projects. Long needles , recommended for larger projects such as blankets. If you’re new to knitting, it’s best to start with long, straight needles.

The Sock Needle use in sets of four or five, and both ends pointed. A seamless, uninterrupted weave obtain.

Skewers are straight and skewers connected by a plastic cable. The cord can be of many different lengths, from 30-152 cm. It is important that you choose a size that fits your project.

Metal needles, strong and not prone to warping, are good for all types of yarn. Especially wool, wool blends and acrylic. It is more slippery than other materials and provides fast knitting. It is for experienced knitters. For beginners, the risk of missing a loop is high. Metal needles are larger than 8 mm in diameter and they can be heavy and difficult to work with.

Plastic needles can be used with any yarn. The smooth surface of plastic needles. allows the stitches to move slightly, but not as quickly as metal needles; thus reducing the risk of stitches slipping off the needle. It can use easily for beginners in knitting. Large needles made mostly from plastic to reduce their weight.

Bamboo needles are lighter than metal needles. Bamboo has a light grip that helps to hold stitches at regular intervals by forming a neat weave. That’s why bamboo needles don’t slip off the end of the stitches and are an excellent choice for beginners.

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