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New Yarn: Ice Yarns Organic Cotton Color

Ice Yarns Organic Cotton Color is a versatile and high-quality fiber perfect for the summer season. This yarn, composed of 60% organic cotton and 40% acrylic, provides knitters with an excellent natural material alternative that is both soft and breathable. The thickness classification as 3 Light: DK, Light, Worsted makes it adaptable for multiple knitting projects.

One of the best ways to take advantage of this yarn is by creating baby blankets. With its lightweight nature, babies will feel cozy without feeling too hot – which makes it perfect for those warm days/nights. Utilizing Ice Yarns Organic Cotton Color‘s multicolored variant can provide your blanket with intricate patterns that are sure to captivate young minds.

Another excellent option in which you can use this yarn is by making summer tops such as dresses, skirts, shorts and more. Its lightweight quality allows for natural ventilation, letting air pass through—keeping you cool while also providing warmth when needed. Furthermore, these tops created using the multicolored variant will give you a trendy and fashionable look!

This yarn can also be used to create adorable baby clothes like booties, hats or socks. Keeping their little toes warm during winter months! The playful multi-colored variant creates fun and gorgeous designs perfect for infants.

Ice Yarns Organic Cotton Color can be used to knit shawls and wraps that are entirely breathable yet practical enough. For staying warm during breezy summer nights out on the town! Not only does it keep you snug; they’re also fashionable accessories that add color & style to any wardrobe!


Ice Yarns Organic Cotton Color is an exceptional choice when wanting a high-quality fiber made using organic cotton in your knitting projects. Whether it’s baby blankets or tops, dresses, skirts, shorts, hats, socks, shawls, wraps etc., versatility in design means endless creative options. Adding this lightweight, soft, and natural-fiber yarn to your knitting stash is an excellent opportunity to expand your repertoire!

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