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Outlet yarns are specialized yarns that are sold for a fraction of the price of regular yarns. These yarns are usually closeouts, discontinued colors, and over-runs from Iceyarns company. We appreciate your interest in our outlet yarns. You can find these yarns in our online store. These yarns are a great option for knitters and crocheters looking to stretch their budgets while still obtaining quality yarns. Iceyarns online store offers special discounts on yarns, so be sure to check there first for the best deals.

One of the advantages of our outlet yarns is that they are limited edition. If you’re looking for something special and unique, these yarns might be the perfect choice for you. Many of our limited edition yarns come in special colors, or feature materials that are difficult to find in other yarns. You can even find some of our limited edition yarns in exclusive sets. We hope you find something that you love in our yarns.

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