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Perfect Crochet Straight Edges

Making perfect crochet straight edges in a double crochet stitch is simpler than you would believe. If you’re bored with double crochet, keep reading to discover two easy methods that will revolutionize your approach.

How to Double Crochet in Threes

First, make a row of double crochets.

Next, make a 3-stitched chain. Suppose you want to double crochet, just chain three like so. Please note the neat alignment of the last double crochet and chain three.

Now, turn your work and go back through the first stitch you skipped. Since chain three counts as a stitch, we will skip this step. The initial stitch of the row is skipped since crocheting into it would result in an additional stitch. Hence the next double crochet is begun in the stitch immediately after the missed stitch.

Double crochet must be worked into the top of each stitch across to complete the fourth step. You can easily see how each row of double crochets lines up with the row below it.

Lastly, repeat steps 2–4 and  continue making crochet straight edges with the double stitch.

The Double Crochet in Two Chains Technique

Firstly, make a row of double crochets.

Next, chain 2.

Now, turn your work and double-crochet into the first stitch as a third step.

Fourth, insert the hook into the next stitch and double-crochet across.

Lastly, repeat steps 2–4 and continue making crochet straight edges using the double stitch.

Bottom Line

If you want your edges to be straight, start each double crochet row with chain two instead of chain 3. When using the chain two approach, you won’t have to worry about skipping the first stitch as you would if you were using the chain three methods.Both are attractive, and the straight edges you get with double crochet are especially so. Like most free designs, I suggest starting with a chain of two. Again, it’s up to your tastes and preferences.

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