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Polyester Yarns

What is Polyester Yarn? 

Polyester yarns are the first choice of commercial manufacturers when it comes to choosing synthetic yarns for any product. It has sparked a global revolution in the yarm industry. Plus, it is one of the finest yarns available, with many features. 

Polyester yarn is a polymer-based material, essentially a type of plastic having a repetitive structure at regular intervals. It is similar to Acrylic yarns.

After getting to know, what are polyester yarns, let’s discuss how are these yarns made.                     

The process begins with mixing the base matter and turning it into a liquid, as with all synthetic, man-made yarns. This thick liquid is forc ed through a spinneret with holes of varying sizes (the diameter of the holes determines the circumference of the filaments). Congealing liquid forms long filament threads. These threads can then be sp un into yarn, either alone or in combination with other fiber sources.

What can I knit with Polyester yarns?

Polyester is typically blend ed with other fibers to produce lightweight, strong garments with good elasticity and ease of care. It’s a good choice for knitting garments that will be wash ed and dri ed frequently, such as children’s clothing, baby items (such as blankets ), or woolen items that will be donat ed.

Is Polyester yarn washable?

Polyester yarn is typically easy to care for and can be wash ed in the washing machine and dried in the dryer in a gentle heat setting. If it’s blend ed with other fibers, consult the ball band for special care instructions, as the additional fibers may alter the yarn’s care requirements.

Polyester yarns are widely used because of their high tensile strength, low shrinkage, and lustrous properties. It shields the skin from harsh weather conditions , whatever the climatic condition , polyester yarn supports you and is chemically resistant. Polyester yarns are lightweight and inexpensive, so they are widely used in clothing around the world.

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