projects made with ice yarns lana bella
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Projects Made With Ice Yarns Lana Bella

Welcome to our blog post about projects made with ice yarns lana bella! Today, we introduce you to a winter yarn that’s perfect for all your cold weather projects. The brand we’re featuring is Ice Yarns, known for producing high-quality yarns for all kinds of knitting and crochet projects.

The product we are focusing on today is called Ice Yarns Lana Bella, and it’s a beautiful self-striping yarn that combines 30% wool & 70% acrylic. This blend of fiber contents makes it both warm and durable, perfect for cozy winter projects.

Lana Bella comes in 100 gram balls, with each ball measuring 250 meters in length. That’s 273 yards of beautiful, multicolored yarn to work with. It’s also a double knitting weight, making it perfect for a wide range of projects.

One of the most exciting things about Lana Bella is the way it self-stripes as you work with it. The colors shift and blend in subtle ways, creating a unique and dynamic effect. It’s the perfect choice for anyone who wants to add a touch of vibrancy and color to their winter wardrobe.

In addition to its self-striping feature, Lana Bella also has a beautiful sheen to it, thanks to the use of shinny colors. This gives your finished projects a luxurious look and feel that’s sure to impress.

If you’re ready to get started on some new winter projects, be sure to check out our next blog post, where we’ll be featuring some fantastic knitting and crochet patterns that you can create with Lana Bella.

Celestial Cowl

Pattern: Celestial Cowl by Anna Meier

Yarn: IceYarns Lana Bella

Moroccan Midnight Cowl

Pattern: Moroccan Midnight Cowl by Tamara Kelly

Yarn: IceYarns Lana Bella

Mosaic Llama Kisses Cushion

Pattern: Mosaic Llama Kisses Cushion by Melanie Payne

Yarn: IceYarns Lana Bella

Angel Wings Wrap

Pattern: Angel Wings Wrap by Martina Supova

Yarn: IceYarns Lana Bella

Sara’s Highlander Beret Knit Hat

Pattern: Sara’s Highlander Beret by Catherine Basten

Yarn: IceYarns Lana Bella

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