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How to Knitting or Crochet Temperature Blanket?

Knit or Crochet a temperature blanket ; Surely you have seen the beauty of hand-made thermal blankets. Who wouldn’t want to knit a blanket that becomes a cherished keepsake, recalling the events of the last year?

This article will explain all you need to know about this blanket and what colors to use. So whether you crochet, knit, or perform Tunisian crochet, we have a design for you!

What is a temperature blanket?

A temperature blanket is an afghan or blanket with 365 rows (or half rows) of different colors, each representing a different day of the year. The temperature for that day is then assigned to a color.

How should I choose colors for blanket?

Typically, you’d choose 8-10 colors to symbolize the seasonal temperature swings your area sees and then crochet one row for each day of the year. More recently, a broader spectrum of colors has been employed, with finer distinctions between the temperatures they indicate.

Your blanket may have as many or as few colors as you choose.

Locating the average temperature range in your region is the first step. You may design your blanket accordingly by looking up the usual temperature range for your city online. This can help you determine your blanket’s optimal upper and lower temperature ranges.

The Saver series yarns of Ice Yarns are almost as if they are specially produced for your temperature projects.

Ice Yarns Saver - 59113
Ice Yarns Saver – 59113

Ice Yarns Saver Colors
Ice Yarns Saver Colors

Do not forget to check out the Saver category, which has more than 30 colors besides these colors!

How many stitches should a temperature blanket be?

When deciding on a crochet design, remember that if you adhere to the “rules” and make a blanket large enough to accommodate 365 days’ worth of temperatures, it will need 365 rows. Depending on the yarn weight and crochet hook, the resulting blanket might be enormous!

It may be easier to work on the blanket if you commit to working on it one color at a time over the course of 52 weeks. You may crochet your blanket in rows using these stitches:

– Apache Tears

– Linen Stitch (Moss Stitch)

A temperature blanket is a knitted or crocheted blanket whose hues reflect the average temperature in a specific location throughout the year. You may customize the creation by picking the colors and threads to add a special touch. Remember that you may start a this type of blanket any time of the year.

Let’s pick the perfect Temperature Blanket colors with Iceyarns

Saver yarns *****

So , Check out temperature blankets project on Ravelry

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