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Thread and Yarn : What Is The Difference?

What is the difference between thread and yarn? Have you ever looked at your favorite sweater and wondered what makes it unique? Or you’ve admired a friend’s scarf and wanted to know how they made it look so intricate. The secret is in the yarn. Both thread and yarn have unique benefits, but it ultimately comes down to what you’re using them for. Let’s take a closer look at the differences between them.


There are, of course, a few differences worth noting when we talk about them. Despite the similarities, like their function and uses, they have a few key distinctions.

The thread is usually cotton, while the yarn is made from wool, acrylic, or polyester. The thread is very thin, with a diameter of around 10 -30 weights, and often comes in spools or bobbins. On the other hand, Yarns come in balls or skeins and are thicker in size with a diameter between 4-11 weights.

The thread is also very light and does not take up much space compared to yarn. Threads are perfect for making delicate items like lingerie and lace doilies due to their thinness. On the other hand, Yarns can be used for bulkier items like sweaters or blankets because they’re thicker than thread.


While there certainly are differences between thread and yarn, they still have a lot in common. Knowing this can help make your decisions easier when selecting suitable material for your project!

Both are made of fibers that can be spun into a single strand and come in many different colors, textures, and sizes.

The similarities don’t stop there—thread is often made from the same materials as yarn (though it is spun finer). In some cases, they can even be used for the same thing. You can knit or crochet with either thread or yarn, depending on what project you are working on. Both are relatively inexpensive materials and easy to obtain, so no matter which one you choose, you shouldn’t have difficulty getting your hands on it.

In short, the main difference between yarn and thread is that thread is a thin strand of cotton, linen, or silk used in sewing, while the yarn is a strand of twisted fibers used in knitting and weaving. Though they are used in fabricating, they have many differences. It depends on their thickness, texture, purpose and the material used.

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