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What Does Double Knitting (DK) Mean In Yarn?

DK yarn means Double Knitting Yarn. This is how you read DK in many information sources and knitting patterns. Only the initials DK are used for current patterns and yarn types. You must have a lot of knowledge to understand what is DK yarn.

This is a yarn industry term. It describe the weight of yarn. Double Knitting (DK) yarn is twice as thick as sock yarn. In the past, stocking yarn was easier to hold, but it was very thin. By twisting or holding the yarn together, humans created a yarn that was twice as thick, resulting in a yarn that was twice as heavy.

DK weight yarn is in the category 3-Light yarn weight, along with light worsted yarns. It is thinner than category 4-Medium yarns and heavier than 2-Fine yarns.

You can use DK weight yarn together when knitting or crocheting instead of worsted-weight yarn. Create a knit size sample or a crochet gauge sample when designing your project. Your project dimensions may also vary depending on the type of fiber you are using (eg merino wool, cotton or acrylic yarn.)

Double knitting yarn is ideal for any knitting project as it is easier to knit and allows you to knit faster than superfine yarns. Because of its lightness, you can use it in a large project such as a blanket or a long summer cardigan.

Every type of project is suitable for DK weight yarns, as they are easy to handle, knit faster than super fine yarns, and you can find too many different colors. The lighter structure of Double Knitting yarn makes it ideal for baby blankets, spring cardigans, shawls, and cowls.

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