Which Knitting Yarns I Should Use? Why?
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Which Knitting Yarns I Should Use? Why?

All Knitting Yarns have different textures and properties and will affect the look and texture of your project. For example; wool is flexible and durable, alpaca is soft and natural, and synthetic blends are durable.

The raw materials of Knitting Yarns are natural and synthetic materials. Natural yarns are made of animal and vegetable, the raw materials of synthetic yarns are generally acrylic, polyester and nylon.

Natural Content yarns are perfect for winter wear. Its colors are permanent and it has a soft texture. Its insulation property is very good. The surface does not become dull. Wool is a very warm, strong and durable yarn.

Lamb’s wool is soft. With Mohair or angora you create soft and fluffy braids. Alpaca is one of the most warm, soft and luxurious wools. Shetland wool is available in many colors for traditional knits. Silk yarn is a beautiful luxury yarn for knitting. You can knit soft, light clothes with silk yarn.

Cashmere is an expensive yarn, soft, light and showy.

Likewise , Vegetable yarns are perfect for summer clothes because it has a cooling feature. Cotton is good for summer knitting. Linen Yarn is a more durable yarn than cotton and it is also suitable for summer knitting and is not flexible. Bamboo yarn is a non-stretch yarn like cotton yarn. But it is brighter and softer than wool and cotton. It is easy to knit.

We will continue our extensive articles explaining you the terminology about knitting. For example, “What is cotton yarn? What is acrylic yarn?” and similar questions will be answered here! You will read the detailed explanations of the yarns fiber content in the following days. Follow our blog!

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