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How To Crochet The Back Post Double Crochet

If you’re a crochet enthusiast looking to add more texture and dimension to your projects, you might want to try out the back post double crochet stitch. This stitch is similar to the front post double crochet stitch but worked around the back of the previous row’s stitch, creating a unique texture that pops out from the surface of your crochet piece.

To work the back post double crochet stitch, you’ll need to insert your hook from back to front around the post of the stitch from the previous row, then yarn over and draw the yarn through. You’ll then yarn over again and draw the yarn through the first two loops on your hook, yarn over again, and draw the yarn through the remaining two loops on your hook.

Like the front post double crochet stitch, BPDC (the back post double crochet) stitch can be used to create ribbing, cables, and other textured designs.

By alternating BPDC stitch with regular double crochet stitches, you can create a ribbed pattern that adds thickness and warmth to your project. When combined with other stitches, such as the single crochet or the half-double crochet, the back post double crochet stitch can create intricate cable designs that look complex but are surprisingly easy to execute.

Now let’s look how to crochet BPDC with photos!

One of the best things about BPDC stitch is that it is reversible. This means that the texture created by the stitch is the same on both sides of the project, making it perfect for scarves, blankets, and other items that will be seen from both sides.

BPDC stitch also works well with a variety of yarns, from thin and delicate to thick and bulky. This means you can use it to create a range of different projects, from lightweight shawls to cozy blankets.

If you’re new to BPDC stitch, it may take some practice to get the hang of it. However, once you master the stitch, you’ll find that it’s a great way to add texture and interest to your crochet projects.

@BurjDesign‘s great youtube video is also very instructive about it.

BPDC is a versatile stitch that every crocheter should have in their toolbox. With its reversible texture and ability to create intricate designs, it can add depth and interest to any crochet project. So the next time you’re looking for a way to add texture and dimension to your project, give the back post double crochet stitch a try!

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