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Ice Yarns Camilla Cotton / Yarn Review

We continue to introduce you to the amazing yarns of Iceyarns. Don’t forget to check out the yarn reviews on our blog! Ice Yarns’ Camilla Cotton yarn is made entirely of mercerized cotton, which gives it its softness and strength. Cotton that has been specially treated to become more lustrous than regular cotton is known as “mercerized cotton.” Additionally, it is more resilient to mildew, stronger, and takes dye a little bit easier. As opposed to “regular” cotton, it might not shrink as much or lose its shape as much. With Ice yarns’ Camilla Cotton Yarn offers a great variety of hues to choose from.

Fiber Contents

The yarn is made entirely of Mercerised cotton, which makes it fresh and light, making it perfect for projects like sweaters, cardigans, pullovers, and accessories like socks, scarves, hats, and shawls, among many others. And the most significant characteristic of this yarn is that they produce very less lint.


Four balls, each measuring 125 meters, are included with the purchase of this yarn and comes in a securely packed box. Because the Camilla Cotton Yarn from Ice Yarns is so lightweight and comfortable, each ball of yarn in the package weighs only about 50 grams.

To make your summer fresh and beautiful, further items in the Camilla Cotton category of Ice Yarns are ready for you in a variety of colors. With a vast selection of yarns in store, Ice Yarns is relatively inexpensive.

Never get tired of your clothes again by choosing to shop at Ice Yarns!

Needle Size

With 3 mm/US 3 needles and the vivid tones of Camilla cotton yarn, you can knit delightfully warm and gorgeously wearable creations.

Yarn Thickness

The byproduct is thick and strong because the yarn is the two finest in thickness. Additionally, this product has a silky structure and imparts a delicate texture to all of your creations. For instance, you could use this yarn to create a variety of summer clothing items.

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