Crochet Lovely Blankets & Baskets
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Crochet Lovely Blankets & Baskets

Today we will present to you our new original content. In this article, a project knitted with the beautiful yarns of Ice Yarns will be introduced. That’s Crochet Lovely Blankets.

We introduce you to Cindy’s Crochet Lovely and Crochet Lovely Blankets project, who has been making croquet for many years.

Cindy lives in Costa Rica. She regularly donates her projects to charities or gives gifts to friends. Her favorite Ice Yarns are Puzzle Baby and Merino Batik, she loves to knit shawls and blankets.

This project named Crochet Lovey and Crochet Lovey/Blankets is a crochet project.

When we talked about her project she said that she didn’t follow a pattern for the granny square lovely and blankets but used the stitch count from a regular granny square’s row 4 to crochet around the single crochets she put around the stretchy hair bands.

Ice Yarns used by Cindy are in the list below.

 (and She also recommends yarn number Iceyarns – Mild Fine for tote bags.)

In this project, which was knitted with Tulip and Prym crochet hook, Cindy changed the hook sizes according to the yarn she used. Cindy usually used hooks from 4mm to 6mm.

Meanwhile , Cindy said she watched two youtube videos for inspiration in this project where she knitted blankets in sizes S M and L. These videos are:

Modern Crochet Bag from KnitcroAddict dated July 8, 2022


Mini Bolso from DIYmoda with Emíl dated August 25, 2022.

In conclusion ,Cindy started that she changed the original patterns in the videos and she inspired, to suit her needs.

By following these suggestions and the tricks, you can produce projects that will please your loved ones. This concept will continue to be enriched with new projects in the coming weeks. Don’t forget to follow our blog!

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