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Ice Yarns Favorite / Yarn Review

Ice Yarns Favorite yarn by Ice Yarns is composed entirely of 100% Acrylic, making it incredibly strong and ideal for any project that calls for a long-lasting yarn. You can start using Favorite Worsted yarn to create your stunning winter crafts!

Fiber Content

The yarn has no natural cotton or animal hair because it is made entirely of acrylic fiber. For usage in knitting, crocheting, rug-making, and other crafts, acrylic is made into a continuous piece and wound into a ball, or skein. Additionally, unlike natural fiber yarns like cotton, silk, bamboo, and wool, acrylic yarns are twisted into long lengths as opposed to being spun. The most notable quality of this fiber is that. It has a very plush feel and does not shed or shrink when washed with other items of clothing.

Because it can be used for so many different projects. Ice Yarns’ Favorite Worsted Yarn should always be in your Cart.

You will receive four balls of yarn, each measuring 210 metres, when you purchase this yarn. Each yarn ball in the package weighs around 100 grams. And the projects created using this yarn turn out to be very appealing and durable. Additionally, you can select from a variety of additional items in the Ice Yarns’ Favorite Worsted category to make your winter joyful and happy.

Ice Yarns is very affordable and has a huge inventory of yarns.

Needle Size

Favorite Worsted yarn’s vivid and brilliant tones can be crocheted with 5 mm/US 8 needles to produce blissfully warm and fabulously wearable designs.

Yarn Thickness

The clothing is strong and long-lasting due to the medium yarn thickness (4). Furthermore, because these fibers are made of petroleum, they take a long time to break down naturally. A blanket made of acrylic yarn can last for many years if properly cared for. With this yarn, you can knit a wide range of cuffs, pullovers, and other winter accessories with classic themes.

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