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Ice Yarns –  Picasso Yarn / Yarn Review

We are here with the Picasso yarn series, which has dozens of varieties from rainbow colors to Turquoise tones, from Lilac to Pink tones. Picasso has become an iconic product of Ice Yarns over the years.  Everyone likes it very much. Thanks to its Self stripping feature, you will reach patterns beyond your imagination.

Iceyarns – Picasso Yarn

Picasso is the favorite product for those looking for acrylic and polyester yarns with bright colors. If you can’t find a suitable yarn (you can read Which Knitting Yarns I Should Use? Why? post) for many drape and decorative projects, this yarn is for you. This yarn is used in many areas from clothes to rural areas, from toys to accessories.

If you are new to knitting or want to make different projects from the ones you have done . So far, do not forget to visit Ice Yarns’ online store. You will reach thousands of knitting products on a single platform. With your knitting hobby, you will both evaluate your spare time and produce a product.

Picasso is among the most preferred yarns if there is a hobby project. The reason is that it is suitable for many projects. Another outstanding feature is the suitability of the content of the yarn. Because many yarns deteriorate with washing, but Picasso is very durable.

You can knit your projects with Ice Yarns’ Picasso with 5 mm. / US 8 needles. You can readily complete a project with 8 skeins in a package, and don’t need to buy skeins of different colors for this because you will have many colors with this yarn. Yarn thickness is 4 Medium, comfortable to use with a favorite knitting needle or crochet hook; it is quite suitable for hats, tablecloths, shawls and your other best patterns.

Picasso doesn’t just have a wide variety of colors in one product, it’s a big category with dozens of different colors. When you look at the Picasso category of Ice Yarns, you will see different multicolor products.

“Don’t forget to buy enough yarn in one order to complete your project easily! ” Thanks for reading Ice Yarns Picasso yarn review.

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