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What is Hand Dyed Yarn?

Hand dyed Yarn means adding color to the yarn to be used in knitting or crochet projects. While industrial yarn dyed takes place before the product is sold, many people may want to dye the yarns in the color they want, which is called yarn dyed.

We’ve given you the initial explanation. This post will answer many questions such as: “Can I dye any yarn? or dye acrylic yarn? What can you make with hand dyed yarn? How to wash hand dyed yarn ? Does yarn bleed when washed?”

If you have similar questions, keep reading!

One of the most basic elements of yarn dyed is that you can use the materials you have at home when dyed. When you look around, you may find that you have easter egg dye, or that you have tea. You can use these dyes for yarn dyed. There are many yarn dyed methods such as dipping method, gradient dyed method, striped and spotted dyed method. These methods determine what the yarn will look like after dyed.

Which yarn type should I choose for dyed?

I can hear you asking. The answer is very simple, the type of yarn you choose depends on what you are going to do with that yarn. You may want to knit or crochet first. You can dye merino, wool, alpaca ropes.

Also, dye natural fibers with different content. But the yarns you want to dye may differ according to the pattern of your project. Acrylic or Polyester yarn is difficult to dye, despite innovation in technology and products. For this reason, it is not recommended. You can choose the yarn that best suits you, taking into your needs and the instructions on the labels.

  • What can I do with the yarn I dyed?

What we will say when you ask; You can knit almost all projects with these yarns. The weight of the yarn you choose does not affect your dyed process. You can dye any natural fiber, from thick yarns to super bulky yarns.

  • What is important in your dying processes?

The area you will dye, the type of yarn and dyed equipment are very important. The fiber content your yarn has will determine the type of dye and which dyed method you should use.

For example, an Acid Dye working with protein or animal fiber wool will not dye vegetable fiber yarns such as cotton. In this type of products, you should use the type of paint called Fiber Reactive Paint. When you want to dye wool, you should use Acid Dye.

But what about washing? Let’s answer that too.

Washing dyed yarns is a very difficult process. If the yarn you use is made of fibers such as sheep wool, goat wool or alpaca, felting may occur when washed. Therefore, it should be carefully hand washed. On the other hand, if the yarn is called “Superwash”, this yarn has been processed so that it can be machine washed. Yarns made from plant fibers can often be washed in a machine.

Always check product labels to be sure.

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