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Introduction To Knitting – Knitting101

“How to start knitting?” “Is it difficult to knit?” “Which yarn should I buy?” “What are the sizes of needles and crochet hooks?” “Where should I start knitting?” If you have questions like this, you are in the right place. This blog compilation will answer all your questions.

At the beginning, you can start to follow the tricks of this hobby. Prefer to knit an easy project first. For example, a scarf is an ideal project to start knitting for the first time. You can switch to more difficult models according to your success in the project.

In these projects, you should choose yarns recommended for beginners. For example, you can choose wool , acrylic yarns (ex. Iceyarns Magic Light ). You may not be able to use yarns such as silk, cashmere, floss at the beginning.

The thickness of yarn is important for beginners. In your first projects, choose thick yarns. Needles must be chosen according to the type and thickness of yarn. The finer the needle you choose, your knitting will be slower. Use thick needles.

The information on the yarn labels is very important, do not forget to read this information. If you have just started, choose simpler and basic models instead of complex knitting patterns. Knitting models such as harosha, rice, grater, chain are both basic models and simpler models. This hobby takes patience.

It will continue next week, stay tuned!

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