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What Is Macrame?

Macrame is a textile-making technique that involves the use of knots. Macrame makers use numerous knots, and they combine in an infinite number of ways to create functional and aesthetically pleasing pieces.

They can use to make a variety of items such as wall hangings, plant hangers, clothing, accessories, home textiles, and more. They use to make a piece from scratch or as an embellishment to a piece made with a different technique.

So after knowing what is Macrame, Let’s learn what are the basic types of knots?

There are numerous types of macrame knots through which you can create innumerable wall decorations. But for someone new to macrame knots, making these complex knots would be quite difficult. To save you all from this problem, we have come up with some basic knots, that anyone can make. So, some of the most basic knots are Lark’s head knot, the square knot, the hitch knot, and the gathering knot.

Now, you might be getting some questions in your mind what are Lark’s head knots? What are square knots? What are hitch knots and gathering knots? If yes, then keep reading!

What is Lark’s head knot?

The Lark’s head knot, you know, as the mounting knot because you will use this knot to mount your ropes to your dowel, driftwood, branch, or mounting cord. It is one of the most fundamental macrame knots. This knot is the foundation of almost every beautiful piece of finished macrame you see.

There’s one variation in the larks’ head knot known as the reverse lark’s head knot in which the bump is hidden in the back of the knot.

What are square knots?

Square knots are one of the most common macrame knots, and macrame makers make it either left or right-facing. Square knots require at least four cords (2 working cords and two filler cords), but they can have more.

What are hitch knots?

Hitch Knots adds movement and variety to your macrame project and is extremely easy to tie! It has two variations namely the half hitch and the clove hitch. Clove hitch knots can be worked horizontally, diagonally, and even vertically on occasion.

There are more technique, are you wondering?

What are gathering knots?

A Gathering Knot, also known as a Wrapping Knot, is a finishing knot use for gather cords. These are frequently found at the bottom of macrame plant hangers. This knot has two working cords and the remaining cords are filler cords.

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