stashbusting ideas with leftover yarns
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Stashbusting Ideas with Leftover Yarns

Use leftover yarns to knit or crochet a full-size object

Some patterns are designed to be stash-busters that use up all the tiny balls of leftover yarns you have on hand while being knit from scrap yarns. They are some of the most enjoyable and fulfilling tasks to work on. Usually, they ask for leftovers or half skeins with a little yardage. Here are some ideas that I came up with, but remember to search for fading or stash-busting designs as there are many hidden gems from many brilliant designers.

To add a contrasting colour to a piece, use one lone skein of yarn

The majority of patterns make it simple to use this concept, which will give your projects uniqueness and character. You can work the ribbing on practically any project with ribbing (sweaters, caps, mittens, etc.) by using a contrasting colour. Use the opposite colour on the colour wheel to add a flash of colour or use a different shade of the same colour to give depth. For more information, visit our blog post about choosing colour combinations. You can choose to knit the border of shawls with a border knitted after the body in a different colour. Use the opposing colour to work the heel flap, toes, and ribbing of socks.

Utilize leftovers for coloring-related tasks

In some hues, colorwork designs can demand for very little fabric. That’s a fantastic chance to go through your inventory and locate the ideal hue to complement the primary colour of your project! You don’t have to use exactly the same yarn; as long as they’re all the same weight and have a comparable composition, you’ll be OK!

Create modest projects with leftover yarns

Baby knits, doll outfits, jewellery, washcloths, decorations, toys, and headbands… They finish swiftly and are really fulfilling.

Granny square blanket: make one

This sort of project makes extensive use of spare yarns while producing an heirloom that will last for countless generations.


You can use short or long yarn strands for weaving projects. Utilize your imagination and yarn reserves!


Tassels may be constructed using a variety of colours and don’t require a lot of fabric.

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